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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

The Spreadsheet Diet

How a Personal Chef Got His High-Powered Client to Embrace The Whole Grains We All Need.

By Ed Bruske
Special to The Washington Post

Picture a spreadsheet, a kitchen Excel, with grains on one axis and a variety of companion ingredients -- vegetables, herbs, nuts, marinated foods, vinegars, olive oil -- on the other. By moving across the spreadsheet, picking ingredients as you go, you can create pilafs and salads that put once-scorned nutritious foods within easy reach.
Spreadsheet Categories

Recipes that top the charts

I love the idea of putting different items such as whole grains together in a "mix & match" fashion to create new, healthful dishes!

I would love to have the email for the author of this article so that I could get more information about his previous article on duck also!

I've tried two of these recipes and loved them. I'm not sure I trust myself, however, to create my own recipes using the "spreadsheet" since what made them good was the interesting combination of herbs. Ed Bruske - Send us more recipes!

This is exactly the way I like to cook - my thanks to Ed Bruske for putting together the idea of a grid, and for the great recipes that I can add to those I've made over and over again. I'd love to see more articles like this one!

I can't wait to try these recipes. What great ideas for a healthy start to the New Year.
I am a frequent business traveler, always struggling with eating healthy on the road. It sounds like these dishes might be safe to bring along, at room temp.
I also would be curious to know if they would freeze well. Thank you.

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