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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Tasty ways to fit 'superfoods' into your diet

Karin Welzel, Pittsburgh Union-Tribune

More buzz on "Superfoods". It's early yet, but I think "Superfoods" might be the eating trend of 2006.

This article is looking more at Whole Grains instead of the other foods we looked at last week from the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's some tips on getting whole grains into your diet:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends these tips to help add whole grains to your daily diet.

  • Substitute a whole-grain product for a refined product, such as whole-wheat bread for white bread, or brown rice instead of white rice. It's important to replace the whole-grain products for the refined one, rather than adding the whole-grain product.

  • Try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta. Stuff brown rice into baked green peppers or tomatoes, and use whole-wheat macaroni in macaroni and cheese.

  • Think mixed dishes: Add barley to vegetable soup or stews, bulgur wheat in casseroles and stir-fries.

  • Create a whole-grain pilaf with a mixture of barley, wild rice, brown rice, broth and spices. You can stir in toasted nuts or chopped dried fruit.

  • Use whole-wheat or oat flour for up to half of the flour in pancake, waffle, muffin or other flour-based recipes. You might need to add a bit more leavening.

  • Use whole-grain bread or cracker crumbs in meatloaf.

  • Try rolled oats or a crushed unsweetened whole-grain cereal as breading for baked chicken, fish, veal cutlets or eggplant parmesan.

    In stead of croutons in salad, use unsweetened whole-grain ready-to-eat cereal, or substitute it for crackers with soup.

  • Freeze leftover cooked brown rice, bulgur or barley. Heat and serve it later as a quick side dish.

  • Try a whole-grain snack chip, such as baked tortilla chips

  • Snack on popped popcorn, limiting salt and butter.
  • Some good ideas there...