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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Mexican - Finger-licking good

A Mexican feast of tacos and delicious fillings is a joy to share.

Thomasina Miers - Times of London.

I've been addicted to Mexican food for about a year now...not many good places here on the East coast, but as Miers tells us, you can do it just well at home:

Tacos in Mexico are small, soft, pliable discs that you either roll into a cigar to use in place of a fork or spoon, or which you stuff with myriad combinations of fillings and spicy salsas. Taco stands are at every street corner in Mexico City with scores of different fillings and are the archetypal fast food.

At home, you can take it more slowly and get as inventive as you like with the fillings. Try chargrilled prawns, pan-fried fish or chicken or thicker, more substantial, spicy stews, always ensuring that you have at least two salsas to spice up the dishes or cool them down, and a plate of ripe, sliced avocado.

A good taco feast is delicious served with small glasses of any good-quality, aged tequila and matching small glasses of sangrita. Sangrita is like our classic Virgin Mary mix with a dash of orange juice and grenadine, plus plenty of extra Tabasco. It is highly spiced and slightly sweet, which complements the tequila beautifully. The aim is to sip the tequila and sangrita as you while away time feasting, enjoying the flavours of the food and the lively conversation.

A number of recipes for those fillings follow, including:

Steak tacos
Chorizo-potato taco filling
Avocado salsa
Roast tomato salsa