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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Can you pair Japanese with Wine?

Matchmaking, Japanese-style
Consider ingredients and seasonings in pairing wine with Japanese food
By Bill Daley, Chicago Tribune.
When it comes to Asian food, especially Japanese, too many wine lovers give up and order tea, beer, sake or some wild vodka-infused "martini." That's because conventional wisdom has it that wine and Asian foods don't get along. Well, break out the Champagne--they can and do, especially the bubbly.

Ably dispelling that misguided notion is "Japanese Dishes for Wine Lovers" (Kodansha America, $25), by Machiko Chiba, an author and teacher based in New York, with wine pairings from J.K. Whelehan, a Tokyo-based wine authority. This is more than just a cookbook, despite the extensive collection of recipes. It offers an unique and in-depth glimpse into how a professional works wine and food together to create the perfect match.
We then get some ideas for pairing various Japanese foods with wine.