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Friday, October 21, 2005 

Wining and dining in the kitchen

A trio of pieces from the Boston Globe this week:
If you're like us, a bottle with a few inches of wine still left in it gets recorked and returned to the fridge. But instead of letting that lonely bottle hide behind the week's groceries, we retrieve it within a couple of days. As a cooking ingredient, that bit of wine adds aroma and luxury to ordinary weeknight fare.
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Also from the same paper:

When it comes to wine, cheap (what the trade calls 'plonk') no longer means undrinkable. We tasted 25 whites and 25 reds -- each bottle $10 or under -- and picked our favorite everday pours.
50 flavorful, affordable wines - All under $10 a bottle.

Interestingly there are only three domestic wines listed - Two from Washington State and one from California.