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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

Rachael Ray and Victor Palencia

Newspaper food sections are hit or miss. For the last couple months, I've felt that the sections around the country were in a bit of slump. A look at the articles today from all those same sections reveal a number of enjoyable, helpful and informative articles.

Today we're going to look at a pair of profiles from the New York Times.

Kim Severson has a lengthy feature on Foot Network star Rachael Ray. The article chronicles her rise to fame and the many projects she's got going on while her incredible empire continues to grow. While the piece acknowledges that many "gourmets" around the country turn their nose up at Ms. Ray and her techniques and mannerisms, be assured that I most certainly do not.

Timothy Egan has a profile of winemaking prodigy Victor Palencia, who at the age of 20, cannot even legally consume the wine that he is being paid to develop and cultivate. While admitting that he has to taste the product, he says that his age has forced him to develop a very keen nose for wine, which has given him a step up on many others in the industry.

I recommend you take a little time to read each of these articles. They're well done.