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Friday, February 10, 2006 

The key to fine food

Nick Galvin in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Galvin talks to Kumar Mahadevan, the chef and owner of Aki's in Woolloomooloo and Abhi's in North Strathfield. He says that good cooking is more than just the ingredients and the recipe.

"I can tell you exactly [what is in a dish] but it's not like a formula to make a cough mixture. It depends how much love you put in it."

He also insists that you should always cook happy. "It's very important," he says. "Some people tell me that cooking relieves them of their tensions. I think this is true. When you cook you can really calm yourself but not when you have to serve 200 people; that's a different story."

The article ends with an appealing recipe for Scallops with tomato chutney.