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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

Houston and Arizona Thanksgiving Links

From the Houston Chronicle

Thanksgiving countdown
Thanksgiving is a holiday whose raison d'ĂȘtre is feasting. But chances are it has been a year since you last roasted a turkey or made stuffing. We offer this refresher course, complete with pounds per person, thawing and roasting times and cooking temperatures.

Savory turkey, trimmings tempt you to the table

Tasty sides move to the front of the table

Colonists' eating habits defined by times

Trail mix perfect snack on the way to grandma's

Dry-roasted nuts selected from around the world

From the Arizona Republic:

Turkey without the leftovers If you're not excited by the litany of leftovers, skip the whole turkey. Instead, try serving up a turkey breast. Far from a plain piece of white meat, the turkey breast can paired with a host of ingredients, and be the basis for a delicious main course that isn't too overwhelming.

2-hour turkey rates a 'Wow' The 2-hour turkey recipe - will it work?

Making gravy without the lumps Learn to make a roux-based turkey gravy.

Create healthful salad from leftovers Turn Thanksgiving meal into healthful leftovers.

Not a turkey among these winning wines This is the season for gift-giving and parties, and I think everyone needs a pile of wine to get through it.

Another link that should not be missed:

Slashfood Thanksgiving Roundup