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Monday, November 21, 2005 

Boston Globe Thanksgiving Section

The Boston Globe published their Thanksgiving section today, with the following articles among the highlights:

Buyers face a bounty of options when buying a turkey
Thanksgiving wouldn't be a feast without a big, bronzed bird as the centerpiece. However, these days the range of turkeys available now can be daunting.

Pilgrims' progress
Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie weren't always the stars of our Thanksgiving tables, but even the earliest settlers enjoyed a good, long feast.

Fried turkey is stuff of barbecue legend
Deep-frying turkey in hot oil produces a crisp skin and moist meat.

This will pan out
Ditch that flimsy foil pan and get yourself a real roaster that can handle a big bird.

A guide to making a Thanksgiving pie
The Thanksgiving feast promises a multitude of pie options, from pumpkin and apple, to virtually any combination of fruits, nuts, and custards.

Squash the routine with savory sides

Great wine for the holiday
Thanksgiving seems a natural time to savor the bottled bounty of our own hemisphere.

A homemade chutney delivers sweet rewards
Tart and sweet with a dazzling scarlet hue, cranberries add a touch of sugar to savory dishes and a pleasant tang to sweet ones.

Her pumpkin soup is roundly satisfying

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