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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

NY Times Does Thanksgiving

This week, many newspaper food and dining sections will focus on Thanksgiving meals. Over the next few days we'll puruse them one at a time and bring you links to the stories in each section.

First up, the New York Times:

What to Make First? A Plan
The best way to avoid spending Thanksgiving locked away in the kitchen is by preparing a week before..

The Pilgrims Didn't Brine
When preparing a Thanksgiving turkey, sometimes less is much more.

Countdown to the Main Event
If you want a heritage, organic or fresh turkey and have not ordered one, do so today.

Taking a Side? Have It Ready at 'Hello'
You've got to figure that at least three-quarters of us travel to the homes of others for Thanksgiving. So why does turkey get so much attention when it's only the hosts who have to prepare it?

The Turkey That Stopped in Haiti on Its Way to Dinner
Rafael Mateo is a man of many flavors. By day he is a teacher, with a flock of seventh and eighth graders in East Harlem

Serving Essence of Pumpkin, Instead of the Annual Pie
A custard topped with traditional spices plays the pumpkin role with more grace, and apple triangles..

And, if you don't want to cook at all:

Cook in Zero Minutes: Make a Reservation
In New York City, several restaurants that closed for the holiday in past years plan to serve Thanks..

"The Pilgrims Didn't Brine" LOL. After watching a Good Eats episode I was planning on brining my bird next week (once I re-read how to do it). The article was actually pretty helpful, thanks for pointing it out!

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