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Monday, October 03, 2005 

Rolland speaks out against Mondovino

During summer, I reviewed the movie Mondovino, which takes a broad look at the wine industry around the World.

One of the main figures in the movie is Michel Rolland, who is portrayed as going from winery to winery and dispensing the same general advice under a cloud of laughter and cigarette smoke.

Rolland apparently didn't like how he was portrayed in the movie, as he is quoted in an article by Stephen Meuse in the Boston Globe last week:

The image is one Rolland and his supporters dismiss as a grotesque caricature. ''This movie is so stupid," Rolland says. ''I do smoke and use a cellphone, but the only reason I was in the back of the car instead of the front was so that Nossiter could photograph me.

''The wines I make are not getting their personality from me," he continues. ''They don't get their minerality from me. You can only work with the components on the table."