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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Dumpster Diving to see what the wealthy drink...

From the Boston Herald:

Trashed! A dive in the dumpster reveals how the better half drinks

The paper went through the recycle bins of Boston's affluent Beacon Hill community, to see what they found for empties in the bins. Some of the highlights:

  • Most expensive wine: Chestnut Street, Chateau Haute Brion 1975 ($107).
  • Cheapest wine: Chestnut Street, Yellow Tail Shiraz, $4.99 a bottle
  • Most impressive beer: Chestnut Street, Vertical Epic Ale (According to epinions.com, only 300 cases were produced and sales were limited to Southern California at $5.40 per bottle).
  • Lamest coverup: Pickney Street, concealed six-pack of Miller Lite