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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Cutting up a Bell Pepper? Roll it!

Rolling with peppers for a clean, efficient cut

A new (to me) technique for cutting up those Bell Peppers for either making strips (like for Fajitas) or dicing up.

Steps to follow

1. Cut off both ends of the pepper and set them aside. Remove just enough to see inside.

2. Lay the pepper with one of the cut ends toward you. Rest your guide hand on top of the pepper and hold your knife with the blade parallel to the board. Angling your knife blade slightly downward, slice into the pepper just above where it rests on the cutting board .

3. Making sure that the edge of the knife is riding along the top of the pepper wall, parallel to the board, begin cutting with a forward and back motion. As you cut, think of a tank tread and use your guide hand to roll out the pepper in the same direction as the knife. As the pepper flattens, keep the knife blade parallel to the board. The goal is to remove the core and ribs without removing any (or much) of the green flesh. When it is all rolled out, the core will come out in one piece, and you'll end up with one long rectangular piece of pepper