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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 

Tips for Making the Most of Your Supermarket Visits

It's easy to find yourself wandering aimlessly through the vast aisles of your local supermarket. Invariably, you can't find something, or end up forgetting a key item you really needed.

When you get to actually examining the items on the shelves...that can be just as confusing. What's good for you? What is bad for you, but is promoted as being good for you? How can you tell?

A recent article from Judith Weinraub provides some advice on navigating through the chaos. A few tips:
  • Don't go into the center aisles. But if you have to, don't buy anything with more than five ingredients, not counting vitamins. And if you can't pronounce an ingredient, don't buy the product.
  • Don't buy anything with a health claim -- they're misleading.
  • Don't buy artificial anything.
  • Don't buy anything with a cartoon on it -- these people are marketing directly to your child.
  • And if you're concerned about weight, don't buy soft drinks -- they're all calories and no nutrients.

Q:What about frozen dinners?

A: They violate the five-ingredient rule. Lunchables do, too. And Pop-Tarts.

Q:Even the controlled-calorie, low-fat frozen meals? Many people watching their weight rely on them.

A:They don't taste very good. Eating is a great pleasure. I'd rather try to keep control of the quantity I eat.

There are quite a few more in the article as well.