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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Restrictions on Fluff?

In another example of the East Coast - West Coast food gap, I was shocked to find that many on the left coast are unfamiliar with Fluff.

Growing up, a fluffernutter sandwhich (Peanut Butter & Fluff) was a special treat - usually to be enjoyed only at my grandmother's house, as my mom didn't want me having sugar.

To this day, I still enjoy one occasionally, and when my wife and I were combining our households prior to our wedding, she wondered what the container to the left was, and why I had it.

I couldn't, and still haven't convinced her to try a fluffernutter, but I'm confident she'll give in someday.

More disturbing is a motion recently proposed by a Senator in Massachusetts (the home of Fluff) to limit the availability of fluffernutters in school lunchrooms to once a week. Now it might be similar to the thinking that my mother had, that too much sugar is a bad thing...but I was also hyperactive as a child. (No one who knows me now can believe that...)

Another legislator promptly introduced a bill proposing to make the fluffernutter the official state sandwich.