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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

The Comeback of the Wooden Bowl

We received a large wooden salad bowl as a wedding present. While the bowl is beautiful, we're actually a little imtimidated at the prospect of using it. What if we ruined it? Is it possible to ruin it?

The Arizona Republic this week has a look at the return of the wooden bowl. While it may remind some of the 1960's, the bowls are making a comeback in this Earth-friendly age.

The article mentioned that "gourmets" would rub a garlic clove in the bowl to season it before creating a Caesar salad for a dinner party...not a bad idea.

Here are helpful tips for caring for wooden bowls:

• Expect bowls to darken with age, with black cherry darkening the quickest.

• Like other wood kitchen products, the bowls must be cleaned and oiled properly.

• Bowls can be washed in hot water and soap, but not soaked in hot water, which causes the wood to expand.

• Also, do not put bowls in the dishwasher, microwave or oven. And store away from direct sunlight.

• When wood becomes dry, apply a thin coat of mineral or other oils created specifically for wood utensils and sold at kitchen stores.

• Well-preserved bowls can last for generations.