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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Turkey - Aussie style

By Steve Manfredi,
Sydney Morning Herald

Maintaining the succulent breast is paramount and, really, there is no way around it unless you separate dark meat from light. In fact, the legs can be roasted one or two days before, then stripped for the salad. All that's left to do is stuff the breast and roast it off the bone in just over an hour on Christmas morning.

Turkey is good with
Butter; olive oil; garlic; lemon; thyme; parsley; rosemary; sage; coriander; fennel; cumin; paprika; bacon; prosciutto; onion; celery; carrot; potatoes; walnuts; pine nuts; chestnuts; almonds; mushrooms; truffles; peas; beans; mustard; olives; anchovies; capers; wine.
A couple of nice recipes follow...