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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Holiday dishes from the '50s, '60s enjoy resurgence

Party mix and cheese balls: kitsch or classic?

By Nancy Stohs

Two holiday classics from the midcentury era — Crown Jewel Dessert (also known as Broken Window Glass Cake) and Green Bean Casserole — turn 50 this year.

The sparkly dessert from Jell-O features cubes of green, orange and red gelatin, stirred into a mixture of syrupy red gelatin and whipped topping before being chilled again for serving in squares with more whipped topping.

The green bean bake is notable for its simplicity: green beans, mushroom soup, milk, pepper, french-fried onions. (The Campbell's recipe adds soy sauce.) You can find it on every can of French's french fried onions, or go to www.frenchs.com for the original recipe and variations.