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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

This is food?

Is this a sandwich?

Sci-Fi Cooking Tries Dealing With Reality

Would you consider the above picture a sandwich? Well, that's what is...its from the Alinea in Chicago and described as "a passion fruit sponge rests between swirls of dehydrated prosciutto".

Frank Bruni's article in the New York times is one of the most interesting that I've read in some time. The things that chefs are trying to do with foods these days is amazing.
On the opening night of Alinea, the name of which refers to a symbol for a fresh train of thought, the first course was a visually nifty riff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: a peeled, heated grape, still on a sprig, that had been dipped in a peanut purée and encased in a thin layer of brioche.

A later course paired slivers of rare beef with an undulating sheet of potato, which became a jagged landscape with discreet canyons and buttes of molasses, raisin purée, dried garlic, dried tomato and more: the flavors of A.1. steak sauce, candidly acknowledged on the menu.
I have a hard time picturing these things. The rest of the article has more equally compelling descriptions. R.W. Apple, Jr (Great name for a food writer) also has a piece in the Times today looking at creative food techniques.

Rod Smith in the LA Times looks at Napa Valley Vineyards with Pedigrees - is it real, or more public relations?

The Chicago Tribune has a newly re-designed food section starting today.

Got Crawfish?