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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

KitchenAid Mixer for $105?

Anothr great deal at Amazon.com. I've always been in stores and looked longingly at the KitchenAid Mixers which I've always seen priced at least at $250 minimum. Today you can get one from Amazon.com for $105...shipped.

The window above probably says the price is $150, but if you follow it and put the mixer in your shopping cart, it will be only $129.99. Then during checkout enter code APRLKTCHNPC2 and that will get you another $25 off. The item also qualifies for free shipping, so your final cost will be $104.99.

I'm pretty excited to get this, as I mentioned above. These things also seem to last forever, so I look forward to having it for many years to come. I know some people who have had theirs for 20 years or more.