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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

Cooks Illustrated is at the top.

I subscribe to three cooking magazines currently. Gourmet, Cooking Light and Cooks Illustrated. I can say without reservation that the latter is the best magazine of its kind on the market. It's only published six times a year, so they put a lot into each issue. There are so many little touches to each magazine that make it special.

  • First of all, NO ADVERTISING. That's right, not a single ad in the magazine.
  • The pencil-style illustrations give it a warm, old-time feel.
  • The product reviews are detailed, yet easy to follow.
  • The techniques for making various dishes and overcoming common problems are without peer.
  • If you like "America's Test Kitchen" on PBS, you get the same people in the magazine.
  • The pages of tips and hints both from the editors and from readers are outstanding.
  • Throughout there are special "on-line"features. You go to the website, type in a code and get a bonus. I did one of these last week and printed it out, and it's like having additional pages to the magazine.
  • I even like the editors introduction to each issue.

There's a lot to like about this magazine, and if you're a serious cook, or just a Part Time Gourmet, it has something that's going to help you out in making the most of your time in the kitchen. The website is also outstanding (Link in the right hand column.) and worth a visit. You can become a paid member at the website and get access to 12 years of magazine articles and reviews.