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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Rating Irish Whiskey

This is NOT Scotch...get it right, people!

Eric Asimov has review of Irish Whiskey in the New York Times. A lot of people might think "Scotch" when "Irish Whiskey" is mention. This article will set you straight, noting that:
In its purest form, Irish whiskey has a fresh, lightly fruity, almost meadowlike aroma and flavor that is entirely its own. In general, it is lighter in texture than most Scotches. We sensed these qualities in most of the whiskeys that we liked best, yet today it is difficult to find whiskeys that might have been recognized as Irish 150 years ago.
The article also rates some Irish Whiskey in terms of a best overall and a best value. Here are the best of the ones that they sampled, noting that these need to be enjoyed on more than just St Patrick's Day.

Bushmills Single Malt 10 Years Old - $35

Midleton Very Rare Blended 2004 - $125 (Top rated of List)

Knappogue Castle Single Malt 1994 Very Special Reserve - $35

Connemara Peated Single Malt Cask Strength - $59

Clontarf Single Malt - $30

Bushmills Black Bush Blended - $28

Kilbeggan Blended - $15 (Best Value)

Bushmills Single Malt 16 Years Old - $60

Redbreast Blended 12 Years Old - $42

Tullamore Dew Blended (750 ml.) - $40

I think a sampling of my own might be in order...