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Monday, August 15, 2005 

Football Food - British Style

Gordon Ramsay's recipes for Football Food.

Apparently the favorite sports of Britain and the United States share the same name, but little else. While we Yanks refer to the beloved European game of Football as "soccer" we can our Americanized version of rugby "football". Not only are the games totally different, but so is the food eaten while watching the games.

Here in the states while watching the National Football League on Sunday afternoons, a banquet of grilled steak tips and sausages, with chili, potato chips, and plenty of beer is typical. However for this article, Gordon Ramsay offers up a menu of Cornish Pastries, Crab Pie, Haddock in Beer Batter and and Pease Pudding. He says:

The sun'’s shining, everyone'’s in summer holiday mode -– it can mean only one thing: yes, the football season'’s back. But what'’s that got to do with food, you might ask. The answer, as any fan will tell you, is pies. Chicken and leek, beef and mushroom...all eaten from foil containers (and sometimes launched at the occasional opposing fan).

So this week I'’m offering up three recipes to make food on the terraces a bit more exciting. The pasty is a real classic, and the perfect thing to take along to a game. Make them fresh the night before and avoid all the queuing at half-time. The crab pie is seriously delicious. Try making them in individual foil tins so that you have your own "“posh"” pie to enjoy while your team are hopefully winning. Last is my look at fish with mushy peas. This recipe is for the armchair fan -– just make sure you open more beer than you need for the batter!
The recipes for each follow.