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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Assembly Line Dinners?

Assembly line sells shortcut to dinner

Esther Shein in the Boston Globe has a look at Dream Dinners, a company which helps you provide homemade meals to your family...that you prepare, but don't have to shop for, or clean up after.

Shein explains:

Customers make reservations to prepare a menu of meals on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Upon arrival, they don an apron, wash their hands, and get to work. They rotate through a number of food preparation stations, each dedicated to a particular entree.

Step-by-step instructions for each dish are posted, and all ingredients are already chopped, prepared, and laid out by Dream Dinners employees.

Customers measure and pour the ingredients into plastic containers (Don't like one of the spices offered? No problem. Take less, or leave it out entirely). They then mark each completed meal with a label containing printed cooking instructions. The meals go home to be cooked that night or frozen for later.